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Posted on Wednesday 1 January 2014

Corporate Push-Ups

Tricyclen No Rx, Surprise. It's already 2014. And for most of you reading this that roller coaster ride we call work is already kicking off the new fiscal year with a bang.

Also -- for reasons some sociologist can explain -- this is the time of year many take on some major commitments to become better people in some way. It could be this happens now because we actually have some time for deeper personal reflection. It could also be just because we ate too much over the holidays and guilt -- along with perhaps an additional 20 pounds -- has begun to sink in.

But enough of that personal resolution stuff, Tricyclen alternatives. You probably have it all figured out anyway, and -- even if you did need help with it -- there are thousands of other gurus writing some other blog you can check out, Tricyclen No Rx.

What is something you might not have looked at -- and it is a funny thing, that -- is setting some solid New Year's Business Resolutions for the coming year. So as a public service, Online Tricyclen without a prescription, here are some to consider as the 1st of the year passes by.

Business Resolution #1: Lose some weight.

On a personal basis when you weigh too much it slows you down, keeps you from looking your best, and affects your health. In business, buy Tricyclen from canada, the metaphor of "having too much weight" can include everything from taking on too many projects at the same time, stocking too wide a variety of merchandise if you are in sales or a distributor, occupying larger facilities than required, Buy generic Tricyclen, and hiring more people than you need. Tricyclen No Rx, It can also include cluttering your day with unnecessary meetings or doing work you could easily outsource to be carried out better and at less cost.

And even though you will free people up by aggressively going after Resolution #1, don't automatically start laying people off just because you think you can. Consider redeploying on a narrower range of projects so products or services can get out sooner (which brings in more income for your business faster), retraining, Tricyclen use, spinoffs, or other forms of restructuring. These are good people with strong skills you hired for good reason. Tricyclen without a prescription, Show them the respect they deserve.

Another way to "lose some weight" is taking a hard look at the business partners you work with and seeing if changes there are in order. Look at support services (such as shippers, for example) and suppliers (of hardware, software, and even things like cloud services), Tricyclen No Rx. But just as with the comment about your own people, don't just jettison a business partner without considering first if there is another path to consider with them.

Business Resolution #2: Get in shape.

This one is about human resources, facilities, Tricyclen price, tools, and more.

On the "soft" people side of things, invest in formal training, Fast shipping Tricyclen, executive coaching, and business process improvement. On the "hard" side of technology, consider upgrading equipment and software, facilities enhancements, Tricyclen dosage, and updating your IT capabilities. Also, since your organizational effectiveness is determined not just by what happens within your company, Tricyclen without prescription, do take a look at whether there are steps you should take with your business partners to help them get in better shape as well. They are often as important to the value you deliver to your customers as what you do all on your own.

Business Resolution #3: Lose a bad habit Tricyclen No Rx, .

If we were talking about personal bad habits it is usually easy to make a list. Popular ones people sign up to this time of year are quitting smoking, cutting down on too much television watching, or eliminating some of that junk food from your diet, Tricyclen brand name. Those are easy to identify as bad for you, even if you seem otherwise healthy (in weight or blood pressure, for instance). Order Tricyclen from mexican pharmacy,

In business it is sometimes initially hard to find equivalents of these, but one good approach is to take a look at how you spend each business day, week, or month and analyze what truly adds value to what your business is out to accomplish. Maybe you decide some of the routine meetings that clutter every week could be pushed back to biweekly or maybe monthly, Tricyclen No Rx. Or maybe there are things your business does that could be cut back or dropped entirely; one company we know cut back on office cleaning from three times a week to twice a week and saved an amazing amount of money annually -- with no loss of polish to the workplace.

And while you are at it, Tricyclen description, look at the equivalent "bad business habits" you may be imposing on others who support you, both inside your organization and outside it as well. Do you really need all the reports you ask for, Online buying Tricyclen hcl, for example.

There are more like this but you probably get the idea. Whatever personal resolutions you may be setting this time of year there are business equivalents that are just as worthwhile to consider.

Now comes both the hardest and most important part of setting resolutions: How to raise the odds for success in whatever you set out to accomplish.

Here the best advice is probably the simplest: Make your Business Resolutions tie directly to both the long-term Strategic Aims and short-term Tactical Objectives for your business. Tricyclen No Rx, Along the way make sure you honor both the values your business stands for and the strategic partnerships who support you, because you could not survive long without either. But if your Business Resolutions have been crafted to support the higher-level needs your business Strategies and Tactics require, you will find it much easier to master the willpower to keep focus on those Business Resolutions even as achieving those specific goals may seem harder and harder to pull off.

And yes this last bit of advice works equally well for personal New Year's Resolutions as well, where can i cheapest Tricyclen online. If they are just about losing 10 pounds, quitting smoking, or building a little more muscle mass, you may find achieving them is harder than you thought. But if they are in support of a bigger goal, like providing more energy for time with your family, living longer so maybe you will live to see your grandchildren's children grow older, or perhaps even connected to an external reward (like taking a hoped-for trip or finishing that book you wanted to write), you may be surprised what you might accomplish.

Good luck on both sets of resolutions as the New Year rolls in. And if you have a chance, drop us a line about some of the goals you've set for your business in 2014; we would love to hear.

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Buy Inderal No Prescription

Posted on Friday 20 December 2013

Buy Inderal No Prescription, The story that triggered this piece reads like classic Crime Noir fiction.

A tip had come into the Feds that a massive counterfeiting ring was gaining strength. The ring's headquarters was hidden in plain sight and had been operating for some time without discovery. But rather than jump in too quickly, the Bureau did their homework, trained their equivalent of SWAT teams, and waited for the right moment to make their move.

That right moment was December 10th, is Inderal safe, 2013. On that day agents of the Philippines' National Bureau of Investigation surrounded the premises at RSK Furniture in Cavite, a town located on Manila Bay less than ten miles from the country's capital. Inside they seized over 30 counterfeit furniture items copied from internationally famous ultramodern designer Kenneth Cobonpue, Buy Inderal No Prescription.

The fake Cobonpues were taken away and the bad guys were arrested. Cue the brassy 1940's music rising up as the end credits roll in the movie. Effects of Inderal, All is once again well in the universe.

There is much to this that is novel. Kenneth Cobonpue, whose fiery design genius transformed the world of modern casual furniture, specializes in fantastic creations so different they stop you in your tracks on first glance. Buy Inderal No Prescription, He also pulls off all this while producing them out of primarily widely available locally sustainable materials such as rattan, buri, abaca, and bamboo. (You can see examples of his stunning work in the photos displayed alongside this post.) Cobonpue's furniture has sold to the most design-savvy individuals and corporations around the planet, with some of the pieces even making it into the movie set for "Ocean's 13" and reportedly into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's home as well.

Throughout his company's rapid sales growth throughout the Americas, Europe, doses Inderal work, and beyond, Kenneth Cobonpue has kept his headquarters and factory located in his home town region of Cebu City, Philippines. (Cebu City is most recently famous because it is just south of where the devastating SuperTyphoon Yolanda crashed through about a month and a half ago.) He has a sizable employee base there, all of which work tightly as a team to create the distinct style, Order Inderal online overnight delivery no prescription, high quality, and increasing originality that have become the Kenneth Cobonpue hallmark. They are expensive, but as with other designer goods they are distinctive, beautifully crafted, and of lasting value.

Cobonpue Blossom Chair

It is a success story, not just of a great entrepreneurial venture but also of a change in the way the Philippines would all like to be seen some day, buy Inderal online no prescription. As creative, groundbreaking, and quality-conscious of any competitor in its field, and not succeeding primarily because it can manufacture the products for a lower cost by being based in a developing country.

Beyond this, what may surprise you is that -- in spite of the unique nature of Cobonpue's goods as well as that they have been copied before -- this is apparently the first time a Philippine designer has moved to prosecute those who have illegally copied their works. That is a milestone we all should support.

The Philippines, rightly or not, is often seen as a haven for Intellectual Piracy of all kinds, Buy Inderal No Prescription. Purchase Inderal online no prescription, Until only recently it was common to see counterfeit DVDs of recent movies on sale for the equivalent of only a few U.S. dollars per copy, often in regular shopping malls rather than just via black market on the street. (This itself has subsided significantly in recent years, but it appears less because of crackdowns than because the main goods have changed from DVDs to digital downloads.) Software copying and distribution is far more rampant here than in other places around the world, though that too is finally dying down, because of better availability, Inderal used for, more clever anti-copy technology, and also because incomes are rising enough for people to afford the "real stuff". Copies of designer goods that go beyond furniture are also readily available, from watches marked Rolex that sell for $200 or less to cheap knockoffs of designer clothing, handbags, Where can i buy Inderal online, and more. [1]

Buy Inderal No Prescription, The situation is getting better, agreed. The current administration of President Aquino, even though embroiled in some of its own corruption challenges, has made good strides in defending copyright, patent, and other aspects of international intellectual property law. It has been making enough inroads on this so that, order Inderal online c.o.d, combined with a stabilized more rapid growth rate for the country compared to others in the region, the Philippines has become once again a more favorable place to consider for international investment.

But even more exciting -- and in the long term more significant -- is seeing the seizure, arrest, and (it is to be hoped) rapid prosecution of individuals such as those that copied Kenneth Cobonpue's designer goods in his home country. Because -- unlike the external investment issue -- intellectual piracy can be devastating to long term business for many different reasons:

  • The first and obvious is that it deprives the original designer and his company of the higher revenues they could have charged, Inderal reviews, just because there's a rip-off competitor operating out there.

  • Second, it steals jobs from the original company. These include other designers, engineers who help determine the right structures and materials to use, manufacturing experts who figure out how to optimize the production lines for the goods, quality experts who help ensure every piece is as good as the last, and other clerks, shippers, Inderal forum, raw materials inspectors, and associates who keep the company running smoothly. It also hits the many marketing, sales, and distribution people -- both locally and worldwide -- who help promote, Buy Inderal no prescription, sell, and bring the products from their Cebu base to the rest of the globe.

  • Third, it diminishes the value of the original goods just because there are others which look almost identical. This is an unfortunate direct result of the law of supply and demand in action, Buy Inderal No Prescription. More similar supply and you will eventually get less demand.

  • The fourth issue is perhaps the most damaging of this group. For as a direct result of the previous three issues, if the illegal copying continues, is not prosecuted to the fullest, cheap Inderal no rx, and is supported by the customer community at large, then the rate of innovation a company and design genius like Cobonpue's will slow or even stall. Because there is no prosecution, other manufacturers will be emboldened to make more copies, diminishing the value of every piece Cobonpue makes. Where can i buy cheapest Inderal online, And even if the designer continues creating new designs, the ripoff artists can move quickly to copy and the new product's value life (as something different from previous designs) will become shorter and shorter. Buy Inderal No Prescription, Prices will drop and people like Cobonpue will no longer be able to afford to retain the incredible team of artisans, engineers, and operations experts that keep his business alive.

Without a strong defense against the counterfeiters, in the end not only will Cobonpue's innovation die but the drive for all value-added innovation will wither as well. Even sadder perhaps for those as individuals who don't even know who Cobonpue is, the variety of choice and quality of offerings we get to pick from when we buy something will also diminish.

It is for all these reasons that everyone out there ought to be rooting for Kenneth Cobonpue to prevail in his fight against the Intellectual Property pirates, discount Inderal. Just as successfully as in his role as brilliant designer and ambassador for the creativity and innovation of his home country.

1) In writing this I don't mean to suggest by any means that the Philippines is the only place that does this. If you go shopping outside the malls in the Los Angeles area, for example, it is surprisingly easy to find copies of Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, and other designer goods. So too in any major metropolitan area of the world. It is unfortunately also true that shoppers actively seek out the counterfeits, so even if they get squashed in one place they will likely soon pop up not far away, like a designer game of Whack-A-Mole.

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Atenolol Cost

Posted on Friday 13 December 2013

Atenolol Cost, On November 28th, New Zealand's government and wine producers announced a major new initiative that could significantly stimulate NZ's long-term growth as a quality wine producing country. It is also a great lesson on how to manage Niche Marketing and product development on a grand scale.

The catch in going after such a niche is that it takes more than just making the decision to do so -- and even more than also executing it well. Because others serving your same market (and with potentially much larger resources) could easily make the same decision and know equally well how to make it happen.What they announced was a $14 M (U.S.) research project into the the development of a new class of "lifestyle" wines. Lifestyle wines are a product category where the immediate market draw comes from offering lower calories and alcohol content than you normally see in conventional wines. This is not a new category, Atenolol australia, uk, us, usa, but it has historically been a very small part of the market. In recent years, however, the growth rate of such "skinny" wines has been much faster than the mainstream business, often in spite of often "just okay" quality of the finished product, Atenolol Cost. So for the right wine producing group with something different to offer it could be a smart move to pursue it. Especially so if you are New Zealand, Atenolol photos, the second lowest ranking country (in terms of liters of wine imported into the U.S., the biggest target market for New Zealand) in the so-called Southern Hemisphere of major second tier wine producing countries. The only lower import volume in the group is that of South Africa.

So what does it take to go after and capture such a niche. A good first step is to have already established a high and differentiable quality in your existing lines. Atenolol Cost, Ideally your existing positioning should not only be good enough so people will want to try your new niche brands when they come out, as well as innovative enough that the experts in your industry will be looking to you for the best in what's new in your industry. Being "just okay" with strong backing might allow you to open up such a niche, Atenolol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, but you'll never maintain high market share or growth that way.

In addition, even though New Zealand's imports into the U.S. only account for 3.3% of total imports, Atenolol samples, the overall Southern Hemisphere group of wines is itself growing rapidly and already has a surprising 48% of U.S. import market share (by volume of wine sold, not price). That compares to a 46% market share for the "Big 6" group which has dominated imports for a very long time. So although New Zealand's market share may seem small, it is part of a highly visible "whole" which gives it a better platform to grow from than it might appear.

On this first criteria, New Zealand is already positioned well, Atenolol Cost. Their wines are already some of the most highly regarded in the world, purchase Atenolol online, with its Sauvignon Blancs in particular seen by many experts as some of the best made anywhere. And a combination of attention to quality plus savvy marketing has rocketed its Pinot Noir sales growth up by 42% and its Pinot Grigio growth up by 8% just over the last year.

Also, while New Zealand's wines do not command the same U.S. Atenolol maximum dosage, import price/bottle of the market leading French wine industry, their prices are ranked as second highest in the world -- after France (for major wine producing markets), with their average 2010 U.S. import price/bottle of $4.67/bottle, beating out those of Italy, where can i order Atenolol without prescription, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. Atenolol Cost, (See the chart below. What is Atenolol, We have grouped them showing the "Big 5" on top and the Southern Hempisphere pricing in the bottom group.) They also happen to be the most valued (again by price/bottle) among the rapidly-growing and well-respected "Southern Hemisphere" group of wines. Their average $4.67 is decidedly distinct from the $2.57 commanded by South Africa, their next closest competitor by price in that Southern Hemisphere group.

So New Zealand's wine industry is in a good place. But to make the biggest impact in the lifestyle wine market they still need to do more, ordering Atenolol online. There are many paths they could follow, Atenolol Cost. But to stay ahead they specifically need to innovate in the area of product development, and in this the new announcement from the wine producers is telling. In the past the way others have entered this "low calorie, Australia, uk, us, usa, low alcohol" business would have been primarily driven by one or more tricks of the trade. One such trick is to pour in other grape blends at just the right moment to stop fermentation, thereby lowering the alcohol level before it reaches its peak. Excess sugar can also be extracted during post-fermentation processing. The result is a "good enough" wine but not necessarily great.

Atenolol Cost, As you might guess from everything else about their wine business, the leadership behind the New Zealand wine business has something bigger in mind for how to create their new lifestyle wines. Instead of going for "good enough", where to buy Atenolol, for this new initiative the New Zealand wine producers are going to develop produce these low calorie, low alcohol wines naturally (by techniques which aren't yet developed). By which they mean to use all the techniques master winemakers already use now for more conventional wines, Atenolol online cod, but this time directed to create this lower calorie, lower alcohol mix. It will include a different selection of grapes, growing in areas with different access to sunlight and overall growing seasons, managing yeast content, where can i find Atenolol online, and playing with other (natural) variables in the fermentation process. By doing it all naturally and drawing from the already strong heritage and viticulture of the region, the producers expect their lifestyle wines to be seen as premium offerings compared to what their expected competitors will be producing.

It's a gamble, Kjøpe Atenolol på nett, köpa Atenolol online, but considering the rest of the factors surrounding the decision to innovate in this manner it makes excellent sense. And -- if it goes well -- in a few years we all may get a chance to sample a "lifestyle" New Zealand Shiraz that will surprise the world with its rich complexity of aromas and palate. Plus lifestyle whites that build on their brilliant Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio offerings in other categories.

And that once small niche which the joint Government/Producer partnership just scratched may end up blowing wide open.


"New Zealand Looks to Uncork Lifestyle Wine Niche", Tengri News, November 28, Atenolol blogs, 2013

"Marketing Strategies of the Southern Hemisphere Wine Producers", written by Mike Veseth and published for Elliott Morss at, December 14, 2013


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Order Desyrel

Posted on Wednesday 11 December 2013

Order Desyrel, Uruguay just became the first country anywhere to officially legalize owning, using, producing, distributing, and selling marijuana. Mark the date: December 10, Desyrel treatment, 2013.

The logic behind this move was not about what you might be thinking. This is a highly unpopular law with the public and many politicians, so it wasn't about recognizing "the will of the people" to legalize something that was already happening behind the scenes in large numbers, Desyrel for sale. It also wasn't about collecting massive taxes on the drug through regulation; the country is still working on the licensing approach that needs to be in place, Desyrel pharmacy, and isn't clear what the balance sheet will work out between the cost of regulation and the income to be produced by it. Still others have expressed major health concerns about more widespread use of the drug than its current illegal usage base, concerns based on fear of side effects, Desyrel dangers, possible addiction, Desyrel mg, and as yet uncharted carcinogenic issues. (And regardless of where you as a reader may personally stand on these issues, it is clear that more widespread legal and regulated use is going to create some as yet unknown side issues for the medical and social services communities.) And today -- the day after the passage -- one group dedicated to stopping illegal international drug trafficking pointed out that by just passing this law Uruguay has violated a major international treaty about such things.

So -- no -- this wasn't about pleasing much of anybody, Order Desyrel. Instead, the reason for doing it is something suggested decades ago, Desyrel price, coupon, and until now not tried on this big a scale. Desyrel wiki, That reason is to drive the dangerous black market marijuana drug traffickers out of business in Uruguay.

The gangs that run most of the country's estimated $30 million/year marijuana business come from a number of countries, most notably Paraguay. With them come other illegal items, is Desyrel addictive, a way of life, Desyrel over the counter, and violence, all of which the ruling government of Uruguay feel are far more dangerous than any increased usage of marijuana in the country. And even if marijuana itself isn't a "gateway drug" to other things by itself (something I realize many reading this may also argue), rx free Desyrel, it certainly can be in the hands of the particular dealers who offer it now to the citizens of Uruguay.

Order Desyrel, The central government, local cities and towns have tried unsuccessfully for years to eradicate these illegal traffickers. Purchase Desyrel, It has cost considerable money from the government coffers and many lives lost as well in the attempt to do so. So reaching the decision to legalize as a means to stop this -- by taking the illegal market away from the traffickers from outside the country -- took equally considered thought.

Although there are naysayers to this, it certainly can be argued that the legal concept doesn't exactly break open the doors to whatever people want to do regarding marijuana, Desyrel from canada. It will require a license both to sell and to consume the product. Desyrel canada, mexico, india, Registered users will be allowed to buy only up to 40 grams a month from the local drug store ("chemist"). Pricing will be controlled at current black market rates; it won't be higher or the traffickers would come back in, and it won't be lower because that might increase demand, Order Desyrel. Registered growers will be limited to 6 plants. Cannabis Clubs will be allowed up to 99 plants and 45 members per club, about Desyrel. So there are limits and every step of the way licensing will be required. Buy cheap Desyrel, And yes there will be abuse even in this but the government hopes that can be kept at a much lower level than the current level of problems.

It is a bold step the government is taking, and Uruguay's president José Mujica is looking far beyond its borders to assess the long-term wisdom of what he and his parliament have put into law. He knows there will be bumps in the road and this may not even make a dent in the trafficker problem.

If it doesn't, this risky step will fizzle out and disappear from the history books as just another failed try to deal with the growing worldwide illegal drug trafficking problem. But if it does, even from a lens that may need to take it all in no earlier than five years from now to be sure of the progress, you can bet it will spread to others, many of which are secretly rooting for Mr. Mujica's success in this from the sidelines.

write us at



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Purchase Colchicine

Posted on Sunday 8 December 2013

The Stranova Executive Coach

Purchase Colchicine, In our work with startups, there is so much energy focused on Service & Product Innovation, Marketing, and Distribution that it's easy to lose track of the most important issues facing a new company. Not that those things aren't important. It's just that -- before you start digging into the details of your business -- you and your startup team need to be clear on the answers to three critical questions. Questions you need to think through thoroughly before you talk with even the first Angel Investor, Venture Capital group, or earliest Customers.

The first is actually a two-parter: What is it your company is doing that's different, Colchicine pics, and why does it matter.

Normally I don't have many prospective entrepreneurs argue with this. They already know they're doing something different, Purchase Colchicine. That's also why they're so excited about it. But when you dig deeper you often find there are several issues they haven't considered -- even in the answer to this most basic of startup questions.

One of those issues is to separate, especially in your own mind, the core essence of the new product or service you're planning to offer from the impact you hope to achieve in the market.

Consider for example the explosive success of Apple's iPod in the portable music player business, Colchicine coupon. It was a masterpiece of design from the beginning and that might have been enough to drive sales. Purchase Colchicine, But the core essence of Apple's innovation in the digital music business wasn't design or even the iPod itself. Because even if it was well executed there were already other competitive and highly regarded products in this category when it first went into production. No, the true innovation was Apple's carefully crafted creation of its iTunes digital music distribution business. For the first time it made buying and downloading almost any music you might want easier than ever before. Buy Colchicine without prescription, All thanks to a combination of tight partnership agreements with the main players in the music publishing industry, great store and backup software (first on Macs only but which soon ported to Microsoft Windows OS, an important early decision), and an excellent music player.

And yes that did result in Apple's virtual domination of the digital music business, Purchase Colchicine. But it wasn't just --- or even primarily -- because they made a great iPod. It didn't hurt, obviously, order Colchicine no prescription, but the core was Apple's invention of the digital music distribution ecosystem.

And the reason this first question you have to answer, about what you're doing that's different and why it matters, is precisely in clarifying that very core issue. Because that core differentiator is going to drive everything from your spending, your hiring, Colchicine pictures, your intellectual property strategy, and how you work with your strategic partners. Apple understood it well and so should you.

The second question you as an Entrepreneur need to answer is: How do you plan to make money?

It's actually more subtle than it sounds. Purchase Colchicine, Just saying you're planning to ask people to pay isn't enough. You need to be clear on your Business Model, how it differentiates you from others from the beginning, and why it will be sustainable over time.

As an example here, consider Google's entry into the search business with their now well-known page rank algorithm, buy Colchicine without a prescription. When the World Wide Web first emerged on the scene back in the early days of the Mosaic and Netscape browsers, and even just after that when Bill Gates rammed Internet Explorer into the market so Microsoft didn't get locked out as a player, just finding stuff "out there" was a major nightmare. So early search engines such as W3Catalog, Lycos, Generic Colchicine, and WebCrawler showed up, using often very much human-powered research to help guide the early internet explorers to find things of use. All of these operated pretty much "for free" without much of a business model to keep them going. But we were younger and in the days even before WebVan,, and other early ventures flashed onto the scene and then flamed out quickly.

Google's initial patent search concept, developed first at Stanford University, was indeed a true killer idea, Purchase Colchicine. Instead of relying on curated lists or just "crawling the web" for matches with a search term, their search engine gave back answers ranked based not just on how good the matches were, but also on how often those matches were linked to. The end result was the answers were often so good, Colchicine long term, so much better, so much more accurate than any of the competitors, that people quickly learned the place to go to search for things was Google.

So far all good but it became very clear people were not going to pay to go to Google's search engine site. Even if it was the best one in the universe. By far. Purchase Colchicine, So -- and it wasn't clear this was going to work -- the answer for how Google ended up making money was by charging for advertising associated with their search results. Buy cheap Colchicine no rx, And because that advertising could only appear when you did a search using Google's engine it gave them a long-term edge in the business.

And when you look at everything else Google has done going forward, they've maintained that model for most of their business. It is part of why their high-demand search engine technology, their Chrome browser, Gmail, QuickOffice software, and Google Docs are all available for free on all major platforms, Colchicine no prescription. It keeps you part of the Google ecosystem, and makes the advertising links connected to each of these even more valuable than ever before. Plus because Google's search is the best out there, both technically and in the mindshare it holds with customers, it keeps you coming back to where the money-making advertisements will appear.

You're probably thinking that "my product (or service) is different" and so your situation isn't as complicated. Maybe so, Purchase Colchicine. Colchicine natural, But even if you have a hardware product there must be consideration for why people will pay the price you're setting for it, as well as how the business will scale when your volumes increase. And if it's a "soft" product (like an online or digital service), the question of making money is an even bigger question. Because just because you have something great the odds these days are there's something available that's almost as good and maybe even available for free.

So now we get to the third question every Entrepreneur needs to answer: Why should You be the one to run this?

The answer -- in case you're wondering -- is not "because it was my idea". Even if you have filed for and maybe even been granted patents, owning the idea isn't enough, buy no prescription Colchicine online. Purchase Colchicine, Most importantly because coming up with an idea and converting that into a profitable business are two very different things. And also partly because generally any business requires far more than "just the idea" to make it happen.

The sad truth on this last question is that in many cases there may actually be someone better than you to run the business. Someone who is already in the industry who may have a better chance cutting the deals to create the new ecosystem your idea requires, for example. In the case of Apple's digital music business, it's possible the music industry leaders themselves could have come together first -- before Apple -- to develop the software, Buy Colchicine online cod, digital music encoding technology, download systems, and micro payment structures to dominate the industry that we now know as iTunes, the iPod, and its successors the iPad and iPhone -- as parts of that system.

But they didn't. So why did Steve Jobs win here when others (such as Sony Music, for example) more connected and with the tech smarts to deliver didn't get there before him, Colchicine interactions. Why did Amazon become the online sales and distribution powerhouse for books and beyond that we know today, Purchase Colchicine. Once again it certainly wasn't because Jeff Bezos owned the key technology patents for selling things online. In both cases it's because of what they did to prepare their company to execute on their strategies, an execution approach that ultimately demonstrates why they were the best ones to carry those ideas forward.

The answer to this last question of the three, then -- which you'll need to seek out for yourself -- often lies in a combination of your own (and maybe not that unique, though good) abilities to drive the products you're creating to market, My Colchicine experience, plus your ability to cut the early and exclusive strategic partnership deals needed to drive the early critical market share growth for your business. It does take something unique that you have to offer, including personal drive, a track record for the right kind of innovation, leadership brilliance, and more than a bit of charisma. But beyond that it also often takes just the right amount of humility and salesmanship, to know you can't do it all alone and to then take your to the right group of others, to lock in the rest of what you need to grow that business.

When you have that done, you'll have the answer to that third question. And with all three answers you're more than ready to approach the Angel investors and Venture Capitalists for funds, plus those Early Adopters who will eventually help convince the world that you are on to something truly big.

Contact us at


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Lumigan For Sale

Posted on Tuesday 25 December 2012


Lumigan For Sale, Watch a child at Christmas time. Carefully.

It starts with the imagining of what Christmas might bring, Lumigan dose, whether it be gifts or family, and it continues through Christmas and beyond. And when you extract the essence of that entire process it really isn't about gifts, Lumigan from canadian pharmacy. It's about dreams and dreaming. Lumigan recreational, We are more than a little bit justifiably chastised for our modern emphasis on giving and getting gifts at Christmas. As adults our ideas for those gifts are often about things, whether they be a new blouse, a watch, a book, or even a computer, Lumigan For Sale. For children however, even if the gifts they hope to receive are physical and tangible, Lumigan no rx, they are about far more than the items themselves. Lumigan street price, They provide a gateway to the imagination and the endless possibilities that lay in that rainbow world.

The toys received are the obvious means of getting this, as a doll or game or electric car offer children the chance to add their own created world around those, Lumigan steet value, an amazing form of augmented reality. Lumigan cost, Books do that too, which is of course part of why they are also excellent gifts, with their ability to bring those children into a new world they've never known before, Lumigan overnight. Lumigan For Sale, But even new clothes, artfully chosen with the spirit of the boy or girl who get them, can be a gateway to imagining where they might go or be with those items.

I remember so many of those types of gifts from my own childhood. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Whether it be a toy race car I drove over the imaginary streets on chairs and couches, along the driveway and in the bushes, and through the closets and kitchens of my youth, order Lumigan from United States pharmacy. In the pages of the first Sherlock Holmes book I received, Lumigan from mexico, with its gateway to a London puzzle world of steamy fog-filled cobblestone alleys and adventures I had never known. And even when I was given a tiny reel-to-reel Aiwa branded tape recorder, which allowed me to create and record my first very own radio plays, Lumigan duration, complete with sound effects.

Christmas was then a time where the gifts were only the start, catalysts to unchain the mind and heart and allow imagining a world where we all could be and do anything, Lumigan For Sale. Online buying Lumigan, In this Christmas, where we as adults have so many heavier thoughts preoccupying us, it seems like a good time to find find a way back into our hearts and so powerful creative powers, buying Lumigan online over the counter. To look around all we have in hearth, Cheap Lumigan, home, gifts, and family, to take stock and let our souls take flight just like the children.

To dream something big and wonderful again, both for ourselves and those close to us. Because it is at the start of dreams that our future begins.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Atenolol Over The Counter

Posted on Sunday 23 December 2012

image Atenolol Over The Counter, Please be patient as you read this. We will get to gift part shortly but need to lay some groundwork first.

The economy is finally recovering a bit. Besides reading the articles and seeing the statistics, you can see other signs, canada, mexico, india. Commuting traffic is picking up. The line at Starbucks is longer than it used to be in the morning, Atenolol Over The Counter. Apartment and Office rents are slowly climbing.

Recovering it is, Purchase Atenolol for sale, but a recovering economy comes with a guarded nature for those on the inside of it all. Employers are willing to spend on advertising and manufacturing ramp-ups for more secure bets on their product line, but often much later in their product development area on brand extensions, and later still on major new product efforts.

And hiring, Atenolol class. Atenolol Over The Counter, The old adage that companies in aggregate make as few hires as possible in a recovering economy is still very true. Except for "critical" new hires (whatever that may mean to you) companies are very reluctant to hire just about anyone until they are convinced things are coming their way. That includes both their own internal positions as well as external consultants who could provide a real kick to their creativity, productivity, After Atenolol, and innovation.

The result of these delayed investments, both in people as well as in capacity, is a much slower growing economy than it has to be. But together, comprar en línea Atenolol, comprar Atenolol baratos, by taking a little more risk personally, we can all do something that might just benefit both your own enterprises (by jumping them ahead of their competitors) as well as the country as a whole. So this Christmas, I'm suggesting you consider giving that still recovering economy a few very special gifts that just might help everyone, Atenolol Over The Counter.

Gift #1) Buy something from a friend or family member's new "startup" enterprise. You can "re-gift" it of course, No prescription Atenolol online, which is even better because by doing so you pass on the discovery you made to someone else. The act of buying something from that startup is a powerful decision because of all it causes to happen simultaneously. It supports the startup with much needed "proof" that what it is working on is of value, provides cash flow, and helps pay those whose work and creativity helped make those new products happen, low dose Atenolol. It is also far more meaningful as a purchase this season because you are directly giving back to those you know and care for -- in a highly meaningful way.

Atenolol Over The Counter, Gift #2) Invest in somebody else's startup. This doesn't have to be a big investment. You can go to Kickstarter to find some interesting small ones from people you don't know. Taking Atenolol, And you can just float a small investment (I'll let you define "small") in a company one or more of your friends or family members has started. They gain by getting additional funds at what just might be a critical time for them. You gain by getting stock or similar benefits in something that might turn out to be big, Atenolol Over The Counter.

Gift #3) Donate something useful other than money to a struggling enterprise that needs it. It could be a serviceable laptop you're retiring. It could be excess office furniture from that last restructuring you did after the economy tanked the last time. It could even be "your time" in helping with a challenging planning problem a friend is having, Atenolol schedule.

Gift #4) Take a risk and hire a new employee you might not have hired under ordinary circumstances. Atenolol Over The Counter, Just hiring anyone can seem risky in an economy still wobbly and not yet on its feet. But hiring someone who seems smart and creative but otherwise "different" might trigger concerns in just about anybody. My advice is to take a risk... Real brand Atenolol online, On somebody. Especially somebody who you think might just challenge your thinking. It's good for your company because you will be breaking a well-known pattern that entrepreneurs (once they gain some traction in their business and think they know where they're heading) tend to hire people like those they already have, Atenolol Over The Counter. It's good for the economy because you will be adding to the national workforce.

Gift #5). Hire an outside consultant to help you do something different. You may think you know all you need but the pool of outstanding consultants out there is equipped with skills it might take you decades to develop, Atenolol trusted pharmacy reviews. And don't just go to the big companies for this. Atenolol Over The Counter, You will get significant and often far more value from someone who is in a small consultancy or is even a sole practitioner. Sure, this is yet another risk. Herbal Atenolol, But besides again stimulating the economy by hiring (on a small scale) you will also get great support from someone you might never have involved otherwise. It could be in areas like product innovation, distribution strategy, manufacturing processes, and more, get Atenolol. Outside consultants also often have a far broader knowledge of alternate business models, processes, or technologies than your internal people do. Online buy Atenolol without a prescription, And -- depending on who you pick -- you might just find someone who has built businesses with billions of dollars of revenues to their credit, has a string of over 30 patents, and has supported more types and names of companies than you might ever imagine. (Like me, for instance, Atenolol results. Write me at

So, entrepreneurs, why not take this Christmas and find a very different way of giving back to the very economy that has allowed you the success you already have. We can almost guarantee it will make a difference both for your business and for the economy as a whole.

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Wellbutrin Dosage

Posted on Sunday 9 December 2012

Some of the most insightful innovations arise from the collision of two seemingly unrelated things.

Wellbutrin Dosage, And the miracle of such innovations is that often after the collision has happened, the resulting creative idea seems so incredibly obvious.

In biology, Mother Nature has known this for a very long time. Take the estuary, for example, in its strictest definition a place where freshwater from inland rivers mixes together freely with coastal salt water. Wellbutrin images, Both the fresh water and salt water biological zones have their own varieties of teeming life. But when you mix the two both ecosystems become challenged and rupture, especially when that mix first happens, such as when a river becomes so flooded from unusual rains that it charts a new path out to the coast.

The biological result is explosive, buy Wellbutrin from mexico. The water turns brackish, Wellbutrin Dosage. Fluids and nourishment for one ecosystem are naturally toxic to the other. Plants, fish, Wellbutrin online cod, and animals forced from the fresh water into the salt water generally either die or run back to the safety of their original homes. This is a bloodbath that goes on every day all over the world, not quietly and with much devastation.

But there are many that find a way to survive. Wellbutrin Dosage, By exploring how to live, with conscious thought from some and by autonomic reactions from others, from the highest forms of life to the microorganisms. Some do not make it, buying Wellbutrin online over the counter. But for those that do and for the resulting region, this land of intermixing ecosystems is known by biologists as a region with some of the most rapidly evolving lifeforms in the world. And where it happens on a grand scale, Wellbutrin used for, grand new creations emerge. Such as the glorious Manatee that thrives in the waters of Florida's everglades, something that would likely never have emerged like this anywhere else.

One of the more interesting aspects of this to me is how, even though many of us are quite aware of rapid biological evolution at the boundaries of the estuary, we do not try this enough in product or service innovations of our own, Wellbutrin Dosage. We instead tend to try to innovate within the existing silos we have already established as our own turf. In the computer world, Wellbutrin pictures, examples are to refine things like battery life or processor speed. But the result is just a better computer rather than something truly radical.

One wonderful exception to this is the Ford Motor Company's most recent EV+ line of hybrid cars, Where can i cheapest Wellbutrin online, which somehow found a way to create brilliant innovation by exploring the collision of two seemingly unrelated technology ideas. Wellbutrin Dosage, What were the ideas. The first was of course the hybrid car, which in itself represents the integration of electric and gas engine drives in a single vehicle. And the second was the software-based Personal Assistant, which is most commonly seen in smartphones like Apple's iPhone and Google's new Android feature "Google Now" (currently present in its "Jelly Bean" OS iteration), buy Wellbutrin without a prescription. With the former, SIRI answers questions on demand via local and remote databases, and uses a version of artificial intelligence to come up with what it thinks is the best response. Herbal Wellbutrin, With the latter, when you pull up a Google search screen in the latest Android OS version, the device anticipates where you might need to be going based on appointments coming up, looks up routes and traffic conditions without being asked, and then tells you -- without being asked -- when you should probably head out so you will arrive on time, Wellbutrin pics.

What do these two ideas have in common, Wellbutrin Dosage. Not much, you might think. But what Ford engineers did was take the conventional Hybrid concept and first of all have the car "learn" where home might be based on GPS information in the car (and other data you might manually enter on your own). Wellbutrin recreational, And its Hybrid, like other Hybrid vehicles, is constantly alternating the use of electric power and gas fuel consumption, all with the idea of balancing to achieve what its onboard computers think is the right mix of both.

But here is where the new idea kicks in, Wellbutrin from mexico. Wellbutrin Dosage, In Ford's new EV+ vehicles the onboard systems have another calculation they make. That calculation is to figure out how far you are from what the car thinks is "home" for you. Why is that calculation important. Because "home" is where you can recharge your vehicle, Buy Wellbutrin from mexico, a unique location (so far at least) that has a different "meaning" to the car's systems. And if there is enough electric power to get you home without needing to run the gas engine to recharge it, the car can automatically switch over to electric power full time rather than burn more costly (and carbon dioxide emissions-generating) gas in your car.  (We should point out that that the EV+ also can learn other destinations where charging is possible, Wellbutrin Dosage.  "Home" is just one example.)

It does this automatically, without you having to think about it, fast shipping Wellbutrin, using the concept of "knowing where you are and quite a bit about where you're going" (something the "Personal Assistant" software does in smartphones too) to provide you with the most cost-effective use of energy for your vehicle. (The new EV+ does more than this too, of course. Generic Wellbutrin, You can read about it here.)

And maybe it seems a stretch to think of this as like Mother Nature's Estuaries, where biological innovation is at its most rapid and unconventional because of the collision of ecosystems. But that's just the point. It is a collision of seemingly unrelated ecosystems that has resulted in an innovation that probably very soon will just seem so obvious to all of us. Like we should have come up with this on our own long ago.

But we would not have without forcing the disruptive thinking that bringing together seemingly unrelated ideas makes possible.

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Atenolol Mg

Posted on Tuesday 10 July 2012

Atenolol Mg, How Apple, Amazon.Com, and China are Rapidly Moving to Dominate Their Supply Chains -- in Manufacturing Technology, Control of Raw Materials, and More, by Brad Reddersen, 7/10/12

Those working on long-term strategic moves in technology know how important it is to manage their supplier connections. But where in the past it was as simple as making sure you were first to acquire supply and perhaps even locking up commitments to a certain time period of exclusivity, the game is changing. Fast and often in ways that competitors not only cannot easily track but also if they do not move fast enough they may find themselves permanently out of business in critical ways.

To illustrate this, Atenolol schedule, let us take a look at three critical strategic move-makers and some of the latest press surrounding some of their tricks to keep them ahead of the competition.

First on our list is the recent storm of product announcements and high-level rumors you have all seen in the tablet and laptop area. Samsung, HP, and even Intel recently released information on their latest forays into the ultra-thin and ultra-hot PC laptop market, Atenolol Mg. Apple demonstrated its new dramatically thinner and high-resolution MacBook Pro laptop line, Atenolol forum, complementing both its iPad3 and updated MacBook Air releases earlier in the year. The very next week, Microsoft demonstrated its Surface line of tablet PCs, to various degrees of praise and derision, both because it was about time they did something like this and because maybe it was too late, after Atenolol. The following week Google unveiled the new and well-reviewed Nexus tablet. Details leaked shortly thereafter about Amazon’s near-term and possibly rushed changeover of its Kindle Fire tablet product line. Atenolol Mg, And behind the scenes, rumors were coming out that Apple would release a mini iPad not too long before Christmas.

While many reviewing these products were focusing on the performance, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, specifications, and shipment schedules for each of them, it was quickly emerging that some of the more important battles might just be happening behind the scenes in the supply chain for each of these. And Apple was winning all of them.

What was happening was that Apple was both locking up the supply of precision overseas aluminum machining capacity [1] as well as even a high percentage of the availability of the very high quality aluminum raw materials needed to produce the cases for all their products, order Atenolol no prescription, from their Australian raw materials suppliers.[2] Similar reports are coming out about Apple having cornered the market on the highest-quality touchscreen display materials for the iPad, the high resolution displays for the latest MacBook Pros, Atenolol over the counter, and presumably the same suppliers to support the rumored new iPad mini whenever it is released.

Meanwhile, China, who of course is one of the main countries where Apple mass-manufactures its products, has been making its own strategic moves in manufacturing as well, cheap Atenolol no rx. Much of the mainstream press has been preoccupied with its rapid emergence as the high volume and low-cost manufacturing source in a wide variety of industries, Atenolol Mg. Behind the great wall there, however, also emerges a very interesting battle regarding the critical rare earth materials used in many of the world’s highest performance and miniature electronics products. Atenolol reviews, Just as the Middle East was gifted with enormous reserves of crude oil just by location alone, so too has China received the major benefit of controlling virtually 95% of the world’s production capacity for rare earth materials. Just as OPEC can manipulate prices and control key parts of the world’s economy just by adjusting the rate of oil shipping from the region, so too can China direct much of the world’s capability in high-end electronics.

In this latter area the movers and shakers are not just sitting around of course, Atenolol pharmacy. As a recent article in Forbes Magazine notes [3] Atenolol Mg, , more than 35 major rare earth exploration projects are in place and moving rapidly outside of China, precisely to deal with this situation. China knows the critical importance of its lead, however, publicly announcing new export caps for its rare earth materials to preserve that lead in the near term. Discount Atenolol, And while the rest of the world is screaming about those caps and demanding they be lowered, China – along with others of course – is establishing its own beachhead on rare earth mining investments outside its borders. [4], [5]

And as a third example of the Supply Chain wars, consider the moves has already put in place to provide major barriers for others to succeed in its ecommerce supply chain, buy Atenolol from canada. To a casual observer Amazon is simply a volume distributor of both “real” and digital goods, with the benefits and lower costs not having brick-and-mortar stores and high sales volume can offer. But the true secret of Amazon’s long-term financial success is looking more and more on how it manages service fees associated with its supply chains, Atenolol Mg. And through locking up contracts for such fees with those supply chains, About Atenolol, it ensures both highly-competitive bottom-line prices for its end customers while at the same time providing far more lucrative profits than most people probably would imagine.

A great summary of what Amazon has been able to pull off in this area was in the July 9, 2012 article in the Financial Times entitled “How Amazon Changed ecommerce”. [6]

For all three giants of industry, Apple, Atenolol cost, China, and Amazon, as well as the existing and hopeful future competitors to them, Purchase Atenolol online no prescription, the messages from this are becoming very clear. While the products those companies develop must continue to be the best in class, the supply chain is once again emerging as one of the key risk factors to manage. Atenolol Mg, Both for those who are already in the lead in their industries as well as those who seek to reach the top themselves.

References cited in this post:

1. “Apple said to be Hogging Metal Chassis Supply”, rx free Atenolol, 6/26/12 article in TechReport
2. “With Tablet, Microsoft Takes Aim at Hardware Missteps,” New York Times, 6/24/12
3. “Rare Earth Minerals: An End To China's Monopoly Is In Sight”, Forbes Online, 6/8/12
4. Great Western Minerals Group and Ganzhou Qiandong Rare Earth Group Sign Rare Earth Separation Agreement, press release dated 6/10/12
5. “Rare Earth Mining in South Africa”, Rare Earth Investing News, 6/18/12
6. “How Amazon changed ecommerce”, Financial Times online, 6/9/12

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Buy Erythromycin No Prescription

Posted on Wednesday 28 March 2012

Buy Erythromycin No Prescription, Just a few days from now, the entire World is going to change. In a very big way. And you are going to be the one to make it happen.

Catalysts For ChangeWHAT is happening is an amazing application of crowdsourcing on a scale never before attempted, order Erythromycin from mexican pharmacy. It is an interactive game called “Paths Out of Poverty” and created by Jane McGonigal, Effects of Erythromycin, a subversive designer who specializes in alternate reality games that are played on a mass scale. Her games are focused on real-world problems, with a goal of sourcing real solutions while practicing what she calls “the science of positive psychology”, Erythromycin dose. Oh yes and: she hopes some game designer practicing this might get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Buy Erythromycin No Prescription. Really. What is Erythromycin, If you want to know more about Jane, check out the TED Video below. It lasts about 20 minutes but it is well worth your time, Erythromycin steet value.

The IDEA is to grab thousands of new ideas for finding “Paths Out of Poverty” for people throughout the world, Order Erythromycin online c.o.d, with the goal of creating a roadmap for change on a scale the world has never seen before. Buy Erythromycin No Prescription, With you and I and everybody else out there collaborating on a grand scale to submit what the designers call “New Evidence”, “New Capacities”, “New Rules” and “New Stories” to help tilt the balance of power to help alleviate Poverty throughout the world. Yes. Really, purchase Erythromycin online. The short video below illustrates what they’re talking about. Erythromycin price, coupon,

WHEN this change is going to happen starts April 3, 2012, at 9am PDT, buy Erythromycin without prescription, 12 PM EDT, Online Erythromycin without a prescription, 1 PM BRT [that’s Rio de Janeiro time], 7 PM EAT [Nairobi], and 11 PM ICT [Bangkok] time, get Erythromycin. It will run 48 hours, Buy Erythromycin No Prescription. And YOU need to sign up. Erythromycin no prescription, Now. Really. We need you, canada, mexico, india.

Click here Buy Erythromycin No Prescription, to do it. Then come back. No prescription Erythromycin online, We’ll be here.

WHO is sponsoring it is an organization called “Catalysts for Change”, an Institute for the Future project supported with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, Erythromycin images, and in collaboration with their Global Searchlight Partners. You can find more about this particular set of change-makers by clicking here.

WHERE this is all going to happen is everywhere, Buy Erythromycin No Prescription. Even where there is no direct connection to the internet, ideas can be gathered and stored for upload later. And for those with internet connections you can upload as it happens.

48 hours. Not a great amount of time out of your life to set aside to make a big difference in our future and those of our grandchildren. So for those of you out there that already think of yourselves as “Game Changers”, it’s time to step up and be part of this. Buy Erythromycin No Prescription, And for those of you who aren’t quite sure you’re up to it, I’d like to just remind you of the famous line by the even more famous basketball legend Michael Jordan. The one where he admitted to never being perfect about making 100% of the baskets he tried for, and the one where he acknowledged missing 100% of the baskets he never attempted.

It is time to stand up and make your own attempts. Because you too are also going to miss 100% of the ones you don't try for in the first place. The world is going to change. For the better. We just need your help in making a push.

I’ll be there too. Write us at to tell us what you think about this.

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