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Posted on Monday 16 January 2006

jenny_mini.jpg Lumigan No Rx, In our January 16, 2006 Podcast, Jenny Ward spoke of how important the role of play is in our lives, even in the workplace. Over the past twenty years, there have been many studies that also suggest that, buy Lumigan without prescription, worldwide, Buying Lumigan online over the counter, work environments virtually everywhere have become more stressful much at the same time as they become far more "productive" from a numbers perspective. Yet what we also hear, loudly, buy no prescription Lumigan online, is that a workplace that has less stress and is more "fun" is a more creative place, Lumigan steet value, which, in turn, should lead to a more productive and successful company in the long run, Lumigan trusted pharmacy reviews.

For our blogging audience, Purchase Lumigan for sale, then, we'd like to get your thoughts on this. What is the role of "play" in the workplace, Lumigan dosage, and, Kjøpe Lumigan på nett, köpa Lumigan online, in particular, YOUR work environment. How does it show up for you, is Lumigan safe. And further, Order Lumigan online c.o.d, how do you resolve the paradox that more productive companies are often more stressful ones to work in, and yet all research suggests that increased stress significantly dampens creativity and, therefore, get Lumigan, the resulting strategic innovations that should be making business growth take off. Herbal Lumigan, As background, if you'd like to listen to the conversation with Jenny Ward mentioned above again , or have not yet had the opportunity to hear it, Lumigan coupon, please click here:

Stranova Vol. Real brand Lumigan online, 12, "Work and Play", with guest Jenny Ward, cheap Lumigan no rx.

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    Bill Sywak
    January 17, 2006 | 8:27 pm

    Some thoughts generated by Jenny and Brad’s conversation on work and play follow. I think of play as newness, freedom to be oneself, supported by one’s immediate environment to be creative and fresh. I recall the good feeling I experienced when I occasionally make a “wrong” turn and turn a routine trip (usually to work) into a a small adventure in the unknown. As applied to life in an organization, this means to me learning and growing, finding my own intrinsic reinforcement to my existence in that community. I think Brad’s example of the intrinsic positive feedback from playing a grand piano was an excellent example.

    One last comment: power in an organization is a strong determinant of the ability to play. If highly evident power and authority are in the being and actions of the leader, then the creativity and freshness of play can be extinguished or never emerge. If power is with the members of the community (the corporate community of stakeholders), then the benefits of play may be realized.

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