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Posted on Monday 19 June 2006

eyeball.gif Desyrel Over The Counter, As with many other major crises, the rapidly-growing challenge of Identity Theft has spawned a wide range of new business opportunities to deal with the threat. Desyrel reviews, In our current episode of Stranova Strategic Edge, we explore some of the reasons for why the crisis has come about, buying Desyrel online over the counter, Desyrel over the counter, as well as the nature of the ways business is innovating to deal with it.

From our perspective here at Stranova, buy no prescription Desyrel online, Desyrel photos, part of the reason why all this has come to pass is our increasing reliance on just a few types of (unfortunately) easily-accessible information that have literally become the keys to the way our entire credit systems operate here in the United States. Our Social Security Numbers, Desyrel long term, Desyrel trusted pharmacy reviews, in particular, are often all anyone needs (except for some relatively straightforward bits of forgery, Desyrel from canadian pharmacy, Desyrel recreational, like a driver's license that at least matches the necessary identity theft documents) in order to steal one's entire financial savings -- and beyond -- from most of us.

Business is stepping up to help protect us even from ourselves, Desyrel online cod, Purchase Desyrel for sale, with a number of innovative information services as outlined in our current episode. We need to do far more radical than this, including eliminating the use of such easily stolen identity information from the way we handle credit services, and put something else, even more innovative, in its place, Desyrel Over The Counter. And, rx free Desyrel, Desyrel no prescription, unlike the case of the Social Security Numbers, it needs to be something we can easily abandon (and invalidate forever, order Desyrel from mexican pharmacy, Where can i buy cheapest Desyrel online, so the theft can stop) if our "identification" is ever stolen.

So -- we'd like to ask our readers from all over the world -- what do you think we should be doing -- as a business community -- to deal with this growing problem. And what are some of the better strategic innovations that you think we should be applying to solve this problem.

if you have a specific business innovator in this area that you think we should interview, please also email us at:

And, if you haven't yet heard this week's episode or would like to listen again, please click on the link below.

Stranova Strategic Edge, Vol. 10: "Stolen Identity": How Business is Responding to the Rising Threat of Identity Theft.

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