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Posted on Tuesday 8 August 2006

billveltrop.gifFirehawk.jpg Tricyclen Cost, In our latest podcast, guests Bill Veltrop and FireHawk describe a world of the future with dramatic changes in leadership practices and an unusual event they described as "The Infinite Games".

Unlike "closed-end" events and interactions where "winning" is the primary goal (such as the way many businesses run their enterprises), order Tricyclen online c.o.d, Tricyclen natural, "Infinite Games" aspire to a more systemic perspective where every part of the business ecosystem, and the world as a whole, Tricyclen canada, mexico, india, Tricyclen treatment, thrives.

We'd like to use our blog entries from this episode to hear what suggestions you all have for specific events and festivities that should take place in the entrepreneurial "Infinite Games" our guests described this week, about Tricyclen. Tricyclen over the counter, So -- please write some of your suggestions in the comments area below.

And if you need a refresher on this week's episode or haven't heard it yet, ordering Tricyclen online, Buy Tricyclen from mexico, please click on the link below to hear the interview.

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    August 8, 2006 | 9:51 am

    Council of Evolutionary Guilds
    It was in 2007 that the organizing form “Evolutionary Guild” started to spread like wildfire in many places on the Earth.

    At the 2020 Infinite Games hosted by the Bay Area, there was an event where a collection of 16 of the most outrageous and generative Evolutionary Guilds from around the world gathered in the Virtual Council Lodge to look into a series of burning global issues. These Guilds had been preparing for four years to address the kind of issues that required the very best of our human wisdom, but were clearly beyond the scope of any one group.

    The seeds for this event were sown at the World Econiomic Forum in Davos in the early years of the new millenium when the assembled business elite realized that the world problems that we were facing were outside of the ability of any one nation or organization to solve and that the only institution with a chance of significantly impacting these problems on a global scale was business – if only it could grow in its abilioty to care for the needs of ALL of its stakeholders.

    At this event each pair of Guilds will take on one of eight perspectives for the whole. These perspectives were first discovered by pre-Mayan Earth peoples, who applied the wisdom they observed all around them in nature to their business of living in wholeness and balance. The form of the Wisdom Council was handed down orally for thousands of years and in the last decade has become a vital part once again of the human evolutionary journey.

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