Peace as a Strategic Innovation

Posted on Sunday 10 December 2006

peace_sign.gifIn this episode of Stranova Strategic Edge, we provide a perspective of how war has become such an entrenched ecosystem in our world today, while at the same time illustrating how a few innovative entrepreneurs looking to create new “ecosystems of peace” have begun to transform the world in radically new ways.

We’d like to hear from you about any of the concepts in this episode, on everything from why war is so hard to supplant to why peace is so hard to sustain, and your own thoughts on what creative ventures the world needs now to help peace to “break outĀ anew” all over the world. Please click on the “comments” area below to add your words to our blog.

And to listen to this week’s episode again, click on the link below.

Stranova Strategic Edge, Vol. 15: “Peace as a Strategic Innovation”

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