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Posted on Tuesday 9 March 2010

2010's Sustainability Summits

Nexium Price, From March 30 through April 1st, 2010, Oracle, Cisco, Orange Business Services, Alcatel-Lucent, Panduit, Tata, Nine-Sigma, Domani, InterOctave Development Group and other strategic leaders in the field of Sustainable Business are going to be holding an amazing conference showcasing what they refer to as Smart ICT, Sustainable Information and Communications Technologies.

Potentially thousands of attendees will attend this event, featuring speakers as varied as Achim Steiner, the United Nations Under-Secretary General, Jean-Marc Lagoutte, the Group CIO of Danone, Stephen Harper, the Global Director of Environment & Energy Policy for Intel Corporation, and Peter Hayden, Alcatel-Lucent’s head of Sustainable Power, Network & Systems Integration.

The unique event will feature state-of-the-art conference facilities featuring the latest in computer technology, interactive trade show floors unlike anything any attendee has likely seen before, and exhibit booths from leaders in Sustainable ICT throughout the world.  It will also take place three days in a row, About Nexium, moving its venues to better service executives in the Americas on March 30th, in Europe, the Middle East, ordering Nexium online, and Africa on March 31st, Nexium schedule, and on April 1st for those in Asia Australia, and New Zealand.

There is only one catch to this incredible event:  you can’t actually GO to the conference.  At least not in the normal sense, online buy Nexium without a prescription.  No one is going to get on a plane to attend, Nexium forum,  No one is going to have to fight for a taxi to get to the conference center.  And not a single hotel room will be booked.

Why, Nexium Price.  Because this is an entirely virtual event, buy Nexium from mexico, with virtual show floors, Order Nexium from mexican pharmacy, virtual conference rooms, and virtual attendees.

Driven by Cisco’s Telepresence Technologies, the event promises to be groundbreaking, order Nexium no prescription, both in the scope of topics (covering Smart ICT, Online Nexium without a prescription, Smart Grid technologies, Telepresence and Unified Communication (including virtualization and remote collaboration)), and for “Dematerialization”, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, a reference to eliminating reliance on the material in connecting the world together.

This is part of a trio of Sustainability Virtual Summits to be held in 2010, Nexium steet value, with the other two being Smart BizOps (to be held from September 14-16) and Smart Infrastructure (to be held November 30th through December 2).  Between the content of the talks, the interactivity opportunities, Nexium no rx, and the sheer magnitude of the undertaking, Nexium without a prescription, this promises to be one of the year’s “must see” events.

And it is free to attend.  For anyone.  From anywhere, order Nexium online c.o.d.  All you need is a computer and the internet.

For all these reasons you would certainly want to attend, Buy Nexium without a prescription, but let me suggest one other reason to “be there”.  It is because finally a group organizing an event about true Sustainable Business Practices finally put its money where its mouth was -- and made this likely the most advanced “Green” Event ever in the history of conferences.

So visit the main website to sign up for the event and stop by and say hello to us as well  among the attendees.  You can even look us up in the virtual attendee list when you’re registered.

But this time just pack your brain and your creative juices;  you can leave the suits, briefcases, and luggage at home.

See you -- there.

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